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The PLM industry needs a recognised, worldwide professional structure for the people who work within it.  The Professional PLM Initiative has been set up to fulfil this need.



The Initiative covers the whole spectrum of what it means to be 'professional' in PLM.  This will be a significant step forward, and will change the way that PLM practitioners work.



The Initiative is inclusive and interactive.  This web site shows the latest developments, and how you can get involved.


                    The PLM-Digital Survey


          Overview of Results



The rush of enthusiasm for the possibilities of 'Digital Transformation' has drawn attention away from the some of the core aims and principles of PLM.  Some people feel that PLM is the platform on which new digital improvements should be constructed - but for others, PLM is now just a component part of a more important Digital Revolution.

Resolving this is important for future investment in PLM, and in Digital, by user companies.  As a first step, the White Paper has put forward a simple, neutral, straightforward Premise for aligning PLM and Digital.

This has been followed up by an Industry Survey that ran throughout June and that aimed to gather opinions and ideas from PLM practitioners to guide future progress in both disciplines.  Participants from 12 countries answered 5 questions in their own words, with additional scope for freestyle comment.

The questions covered how PLM and Digital differ now, and whether they will merge; whether there is an adequate forward view and vision of the future; how the Digital Twin and Digital Thread differ in the two approaches; and whether PLM needs to evolve to adapt to the factory of the future.

The results have been compiled into a Survey Overview Document that anyone can download.  The Overview lists the results, discusses the implications and offers conclusions about how PLM practitioners can advance towards and merge with the Digital Wave.

We are now in a feedback period, which is open to every PLM practitioner who is affected by, would like to be involved with, or is participating in a Digital programme.

You can download the Survey Overview here, and see what you think of the ideas.  We would be glad of your feedback via .

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