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The PLM industry needs a recognised, worldwide professional structure for the people who work within it.  The Professional PLM Initiative has been set up to fulfil this need.



The Initiative covers the whole spectrum of what it means to be 'professional' in PLM.  This will be a significant step forward, and will change the way that PLM practitioners work.



The Initiative is inclusive and interactive.  This web site shows the latest developments, and how you can get involved.


                    The PLM-Digital Premise


          A White Paper to start the discussion

  White Paper  


Almost every company that undertakes Product Lifecycle Management will be affected by, and will want to take advantage of, the new 'Digital' advances.

Not only do such developments as Industrie 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, the Digital Thread and the Digital Twin offer ways to enhance PLM, but they have captured the attention of senior management in a way that PLM never has.

However, PLM has been digitising the design, engineering and manufacturing world for over two decades. There is a vast amount of experience that should be carried forward into this new Digital Age. Furthermore, a sound PLM platform is an essential requirement for accurate digital connectivity.

The drive to establish a new PLM Profession means that a clear definition of the relationship between PLM and Digital is needed.  Every PLM professional will need a full digital skill set to work effectively in the future.

This White Paper puts forward a neutral picture of the role of PLM in the future Digital landscape, and proposes a PLM-Digital Premise as the basis for any sound integration of PLM with the new Digital Wave.

It is the aim of the Professional PLM Initiative to generate a neutral, agreed position on this.  This will help enable product-oriented companies to establish their own PLM-Digital Roadmap that integrates the best opportunities of each discipline.

You can download the White Paper here, and send your feedback (positive or negative) via .

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