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The PLM industry needs a recognised, worldwide profession for the people who work within it.  The Professional PLM Initiative has been set up to fulfil this need.



The Initiative covers the whole spectrum of what it means to be 'professional' in PLM.  Bringing this together is a significant step forward, and will change the way that PLM practitioners work.



The Initiative is inclusive and interactive.  This web site shows the latest developments, and how you can get involved.

  PLM as a Profession


The Professional PLM Initiative aims to establish a professional structure within the PLM industry that will support its practitioners, and the discipline of PLM itself, into the long-term future.


PLM practitioners will continue to be undervalued until the work that they do is made clear to the rest of the business world. Forming a single, global PLM Profession is the way to make this happen.



The Mission of the Initiative is to raise PLM onto the same level as existing professions, by bringing together PLM practitioners from around the world to form a single, global Professional Body that will support and maintain the discipline into the long-term future.

  Foundation Stage Programme


The Foundation Stage launched in July, and brings the Steering Group Members together to confirm the scope and structure of the Initiative, focusing on how it will run a global programme of PLM development in 2020.


The Foundation Stage will set out the Vision of what PLM should become in 5 and 10 years' time, and will incorporate the Steering Group's combined expertise to plan how this Vision can be achieved.

  Steering Group


The Professional PLM Steering Group guides the Initiative throughout 2019 and decides on the shape of PLM development in 2020.


It has representation from both sides of the Atlantic, and organisations from more countries are encouraged to join as it ramps up its activities.

New Initiatives


At the most recent Steering Group Meeting on 10 and 12 September, it was clear that focus needs to be redirected onto the Fundamentals of PLM.


The work of the Initiative during the Foundation Stage will begin to integrate the world of PLM across national and regional boundaries in these 4 areas.


PLM Philosophy

The Professional PLM Initiative will establish a simple and agreed PLM Philosophy that can be used by practitioners to position and gain support for their work.


Body of Knowledge

Capturing the skills and methods that are used by PLM practitioners in many different countries will generate an international definition of the PLM Body of Knowledge.


User Communities

Providing a platform for PLM practitioners to come together in groups or communities to talk about their real PLM issues face to face, in a structured format.


Global Education Map

Liaising with training and education institutions around the world will develop a map of PLM training provision and opportunities for learning.




How to Participate


The way to benefit from the Professional PLM Initiative is to interact with it.  Companies can join the Steering Group, and individual practitioners can become Correspondents or Associates.

If you have any specific ideas or feedback about the material on this site then you can add your views directly.


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