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The PLM industry needs a recognised, worldwide profession for the people who work within it.  The Professional PLM Initiative has been set up to fulfil this need.



The Initiative aims to establish a professional structure within the PLM industry that will support its practitioners, and the discipline of PLM itself, in line with evolving methods and technologies.



PLM practitioners will continue to be undervalued until the work that they do is made clear to the rest of the business world. Forming a single, global PLM Profession is the way to make this happen.

  PLM as a Profession




The Mission of the Initiative is to raise PLM onto the same level as existing professions, by bringing together PLM practitioners from around the world to form a single, global Professional Body that will support and maintain the discipline into the long-term future.



The drive to form a specific profession for PLM will not only raise profile and awareness amongst other disciplines, but will have the effect of expanding and integrating the worldwide PLM industry.


As the Initiative reaches through the world's manufacturing countries it will spread good practice and cross-fertilise ideas.  This can be leveraged by participants to actively enhance the direction, growth and adoption of PLM.

  White Paper


The industry White Paper is now complete.  It describes the creation of a neutral PLM Body of Knowledge, and presents a clear Position Statement about what the PLM industry should do next.


The White Paper sets out the definitive rationale of the need for and benefits of a recognised PLM Profession.  It is a blueprint for the development of the industry, and a starting point for the Working Group.

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  Industry Planning Forum


The White Paper defined the aims and rationale for a PLM Profession, and is the definitive reference point for mobilisation.   The Industry Planning Forum provided a platform to discuss the options.


Practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic met and generated some practical guidelines which will now be taken forward.   The Summary Document is available for download.

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  'No More Offshore' Forum


One of the long-term benefits of establishing a global PLM Profession will be to harmonise the way that PLM is adopted and applied across the world. This could impact the whole concept of 'Offshore'.


The 'No More Offshore' Forum looked at the challenges and benefits of the drive for One Professional World and made some far-reaching proposals for improvement.

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  PLM Centres of Excellence


There is an imbalance in PLM terms between "mainstream" and other countries. Correcting this will provide new focal points for PLM improvement that could change the economic landscape.


The proposal is to establish a PLM Centre of Excellence in India, with other similar centres around the world.  These could be federated to create a professional structure.

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How to Participate in the Initiative



The way to benefit from the Professional PLM Initiative is to interact with it.  Companies can join the Steering Group or Working Group, and individual practitioners can become part of the Associate Programme.



Steering Group

The Steering Group provides the top-level oversight for the Initiative, and is the main authority for guiding its future direction.

It determines the technical and geographical scope, prioritises the ongoing work and maintains the focus on the long term aims.


Working Group

The Working Group consists of practitioners from proactive organisations who take a hands-on approach to developing new professional material.

Their work is a real driver for progress and has already produced practical results.


Associate Programme

The Associate Programme enables individual practitioners to benefit from the new professional material.

Participants can orientate their careers; learn from the neutral Body of Knowledge; and interact with each other to exchange ideas and expand their horizons.


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