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The PLM industry needs a recognised, worldwide professional structure for the people who work within it. The Professional PLM Initiative has been set up to fulfil this need.



The Initiative covers the whole spectrum of what it means to be 'professional' in PLM.  This will be a significant step forward, and will change the way that PLM practitioners work.



The Initiative is inclusive and interactive.  This web site shows the latest developments, and how you can get involved.


Professional PLM - Steering Group


The Professional PLM Initiative is a collaborative, industry-wide movement to establish PLM as a profession.


The Steering Group is essential to provide top-down direction, expertise and moral authority.

By setting targets and reviewing deliverables it fuels and drives the Initiative through its Foundation Stage in 2019.


Any new profession must be an integral part of the PLM industry.  A broadly-based Steering Group with participation from many countries will help this to happen.



Role of the Steering Group

The Steering Group provides an independent, balanced, high-level viewpoint that represents the voice of the PLM industry around the globe.  Its meetings set the targets that drive the overall Initiative progress. The collective knowledge and experience of its members maintains its direction.

The expertise of Steering Group members is the primary source of guidance for technical and project activity.

If there is to be a new PLM profession, it must meet the needs of the PLM industry now, and also in 10 and 20 years' time.  This must be achieved at a time when PLM itself may be evolving into a different discipline because of the pull towards a 'Digital World'.

The Steering Group must represent and make decisions on all of these views.



International Leadership

The Steering Group needs leaders to provide direction to the PLM industry so that it can shape itself for the future.  It therefore needs leaders to become its Founder Members.

"Leaders" in this case means: "not followers". People who are proactive enough to work together to change the status quo.  Organisations that have the vision to see that professionalism will resolve many of the problems inherent in PLM, and that are positive enough to take action.

We also need leaders from different countries, to make this new profession global.  The Professional PLM Initiative has held events in Germany and the UK, but we need to be live and relevant in every major manufacturing country.

We need leadership from the USA, for instance, not only to add the American viewpoint of PLM to the Group but to provide a platform for the Initiative to hold a national Open Day in America, bringing US companies together.

The same is true for India, where, with a Steering Group member as the focal point, industrial companies could coalesce around a new view of PLM.

In countries such as France, for example, with a Steering Group lead, we could hold an Open Day in French and English, giving French manufacturing companies the chance to meet and talk about PLM professionalism in their own language.

And then we need Italy, and Switzerland, the Nordics, and on into the Southern Hemispere. Wherever you are in the world, you can make a difference by joining the Steering Group.



Terms of Reference

The main parameters of the Steering Group are:-




Provide high-level drive and guidance to the Initiative. Steering Group funding provides the platform for PLMIG project management and material.



Provide oversight of Initiative progress and direction. Work in synergy with the International PLM Panel.

Mission Statement


"To guide the Professional PLM Initiative to lay the foundations for a PLM Professional Body to be established."



Initial quorum of Founder Members forms.
SG invites or approves new members as the Initiative develops.

Modus Operandi


Steering Group meets as required at members' premises. All working material is provided. SG agreed conclusions are actioned by the PLMIG.

Overall Aim


Lead the Initiative through the Foundation Stage to establish the 2020 Work Programme.  Drive the Initiative as far as defining the parameters of the new Professional Body by December 2020.
Assist in setting up the Professional Body in 2021.



Forming the Steering Group

The Steering Group has formed for the Foundation Stage, and more members are invited to join.

Joining the Steering Group is a very simple process.  The Foundation Stage is based around a series of 4 meetings in which the Steering Group discuss and decide on the targets and course of action.

The first in the series, the Launch Meeting, took place on 03 and 10 July, and this formed the core of the Group.  The comprehensive Summary Document from the meeting acts as as a briefing for new members, and this will be supported by dedicated webex introductions to get fully up to speed.

The Second Meeting in the series will take place on 10 and 12 September, with further meetings in October and November.  New Steering Group members can join at any time by taking part.  The meetings will all be on webex, so participants can take part from anywhere in the world, and there is a comprehensive briefing process to bring you up to speed.  Participation in the Digital Future Group is also included.



Who Should Join?

Participation in the Steering Group is open to PLM practitioners from any organisation, in any role, from any country.

PLM needs a global profession, and the Steering Group must reflect that.  Companies from every part of the manufacturing world are strongly encouraged to join the Group.

Being on the Steering Group enables you to influence this initiative at an early stage to maximise benefits for your company and for the long-term good of the PLM industry.  It also gives you a window into the benefits of a PLM profession and of how the industry might develop over the next few years.



How to Join


If you would like to join the Steering Group, you can Register here.

You will receive a copy of the Summary Document and an Overview of ongoing activity, and then we can arrange a specific Briefing Session for you and your colleagues.

Alternatively, simply take part in the next Steering Group Meeting and be part of the Foundation Stage as it moves through 2019.  

You can request more information via .

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